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What are the dimension of Rodol’f?

Rodol’f is a 34cm in length cylinder, and 8,3cm diameter.
It needs a minimum of space and thus make the storage easier.

What is Rodol’f’s weight?
Rodol’f weighs only 790g. This weight includes the roll, its utensils and its base system. Without its base, Rodol’f weighs 720g.
What are the utensils in Rodol’f?

Rodol’f is equipped with a lot of utensils which permit to answer 15 kitchen functions you need.

  • The roll  can be divided in tworodol'f le rouleau en position ouverte
    • The opaque part can be used as a strainer, for your tea or small aliment quantities. The spatula you can find inside Rodol’f can also be used as a handle for the strainer, you will not burn yourself!
    • The transparent part is a measuring glass, you will find 4 graduation unities.
    • The two assembled parts can be used as a rolling pin.
  • Inside :
    • 1 whisk
    • Scissors
    • 1 knife
    • 1 bottle opener
    • 1 peeling knife
    • 1 corkscrew
    • 1 spatula
    • 1 potholder
    • 1 wood spoon
    • 1 can opener
    • 1 cloth
Does Rodol’f respect the alimentary norms?

Rodol’f respects the European alimentary norms.
It is guaranteed without bisphenol A.

I am a profesional, I want to commercialize Rodol’f. How can I ?
You are a camping car dealer, boat seller, you build vans or tiny houses, you own a shop for kitchen accessories Rodol’f answers to your customer needs or can be the perfect present to thank them for their loyalty. You want to set up a partnership, do not hesitate to use our professional contact form. picto contact téléphoniqueYou can also call us at +33 (0)6 10 77 64 96
Is Rodol’f available in other colors ?
We are working on new ranges with new colors.
How can I fix Rodol’f ?

Design in a way that nothing moves inside, Rodol’f has a base and a strap which permit to fix it in every position, according to your use of the product and you wish. :

Rodol’f’s positions :positions de rodol'f le rouleau

  • The base can be fixed under a piece of furniture or on the work surface.
  • The base can be fixed on the wall, the strap permit to maintain Rodol’f horizontaly on it.
  • The strap permits you to suspend Rodol’f.
  • You can also just leave Rodol’f on the base, stood up or laid flat.

Note : fixation tools are not included in Rodol’f package (screw, nail, glue, double side scotch…)

Where is Rodol’fmade ?

Rodol’f is a French product. Different service providers participate to its manufacture.

plan des fabriquants de rodol'f

Which payment methods are accepted on the website?
You can buy Rodol’f le Rouleau on this market website. The payment can be made by :
  • Credit card : Visa, MasterCard.. with a secured server from CIC bank (monetica payment)
  • PayPal
Rodol’f is also sold on some specific shops or during exhibitions.
What are the delivery conditions ofRodol’f ?

Rodol’f is available on our website.

The delivery is possible in France and Europe.

We will soon provide an international delivery solution soon. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Where can I buy Rodol’f ?

Rodol’f is available on this website .

It is also possible to buy Rodol’f in specific shops and during exhibitions.