Who is Rodol’f ?

⇒ It is THE roller with 15 essential functions in the kitchen!


Dimensions, functions, fixation, design and creator. We’ll tell you everything about Rodol’f

Why a multifunction roll ?

  • You own a camping-car, a boat, a mobile home, a tiny house, or every other small living space !
  • Your kitchen is not extensible, you want to save space in your drawers.
  • You want to make an original and useful gift to one of your friend
  • Or you fall in love with its design

Rodol’f has been thinking for you, with the objective to save space and be practical and useful. Golden medalist during Concours Lépine 2017, Rodol’f promise to become your new kitchen best friend.

Anne Sophie, creator of Rodol’f

“I’m Anne-Sophie Calloc’h Sturm, surgeon dentist looking through a professional re-orientation in the entrepreneurship, after a shoulder injury.

This project was born by the observation of a daily life issue. During few months, I faced the crucial lack of space of a mobile home, I imagined this object, which if it had existing at that time would have helped me out a lot.

It was about finding a solution to my need: how to transform the lack of space in a creative trump? I have quickly drawn Rodol’f during my recovery, without any subvention or budget, but the feeling that I had a great idea ».

After 15 years working to take care of 32 teeth in a mouth, I imagined how to reorganize the kitchen and put 15 utensils in one roll. ?

Rodol’f 15 functions

Rodol’f is accessorized with multiple utensils which permit it to answer to the basic needs we meet in a kitchen !

This French made roll contents : Whisk, scissors, knife, bottle opener, peeling knife, spatula, potholder, wood spoon, opener, and a kitchen towel!

All of it storaged in an ingenious roll of 34cm of height, which can be use as measuring glass or small strainer or a rolling pin.

In the future, new ranges of Rodol’f will be available: different colors, new materials or utensils.

A foolproof fastening system!

Rodol’f can be fixed from anywhere, in any position thanks to its ingenious fixing systems designed so that once stored, Rodol’f and its contents no longer move.
Our secret ? A base and a strapuseful in every situation.

  • The base can be attached on the wall or under a desk. You just have to turn Rodol’f le Rouleau in the good position, and you enjoy.
    It can be attached by the base vertically and horizontally.
  • Fixing the base to the wall, to hang Rodol’f thanks to its integrated strap
  • The strap can also be used to suspend Rodol’f
  • Simply standing or lying on its base, on the work surface or in a cupboard

For every circumstance, Rodol’f and its utensils stay stored

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