Rodol’f le Rouleau


Design roll with 15 kitchen functions.

Perfect accessory for small kitchens, travelers, boat owners, mobile home owners and other small areas. Rodol’f le Rouleau permits to save a huge amount of space in your kitchen drawers.

It fits and be attached everywhere thanks to its base. You can cut, whisk, open drinks, peel, drain and dose… And many other surprises!

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  • Rodol’f le Rouleau contains essential utensils for cooking :

Whisk, scissors, knife, bottle opener, peeling knife, spatula, measuring glass, small strainer, potholder, wood spoon, opener, rolling pin and a kitchen towel!

  • Qualited utensils by Pradel Excellence, AS Bois, CAO Outdoor…
  • Made in France, Rodol’f respects alimentary norms : CE & NF. Does not contain bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Measuring glass capacity : 750ml
  • Strainercapacity : 400ml
  • Total weight  : 790 g (sans son socle : 720 g)
  • Dimensions : 8,2 x 8,2 x 34 cm

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